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ASVOTEC Termoindustrial Ltda, is a national metallurgical company, headquartered in Monte Mor city, São Paulo/Brazil, with a modern factory park of 20,000 m² built area in a total of 200,000 m² area. It has been acting for more than 50 years in the Oil&Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Sanitation, Steel Mills, Fertilizers, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation and other markets.

With tradition and great technical expertise, it provides engineering solutions in large special valves, thermal and combustion systems, specialized boiler shop for pressurized equipment, in addition to couplings and repair couplings (clamps) for the most diverse applications in basic industries. The equipments manufactured by ASVOTEC is present in practically all refineries, oil platforms, steel mills, chemical and petrochemical plants, among other industries in many countries.

The technologies used in ASVOTEC products stand out for their high quality and technical reliability, whose designs are performed by our experienced engineering team, supported by the experience and technological development of five decades of history.